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Traditional human resource management

Traditional human resource management orbited around employee management. Primarily The role of an HR officer was to maintain timekeeping and attendance, the dispensation of payrolls, keeping a track of the leave applies by the employees and maintaining everyday operations which are very important in keeping an organization running.

How is Artificial Intelligence is transforming HR

These days’ businesses are using various types of new age technologies like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and even smart wearable are also being used to improve employee experience and transforming the age-old HR processes into a new form. Like many companies have deployed the use of wearable to monitor employees wellness and, formulating procedures to recognize disengaged employees before they reach a position where they decide to leave the organization.

Today using analytics and mathematical models are used to drive the decision making in various aspects of Human resource management. This shift from instinct-driven decision making to the data-driven decision has resulted in far-reaching consequences for an average organization. Companies which refuse to adapt will inevitably perish and only corporations who can attune themselves to new-age processes would thrive in this era of uncertainty and intense competition.

HRMS systems today are one of the highest selling technologies with respect to the enterprise solution segment.

HRMS systems utilize advanced machine learning algorithms which aim Ultrasonic Welding Machine Factory to create an environment which removes every kind of transactional and boring repetitive work involved in the everyday work schedule of an HR professional. This advanced HRMS system which sends a reminder and thereby save the effort, presenting the required information without being asked for, provide perceptions and analytics to help improve the workforce management processes and also provides suggestions and advice.

With the advent of modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning a large-scale disruption of the labor force has resulted in the global work ecosphere. Automation is revolutionizing the age-old norms of working which means that businesses are replacing human efforts with Artificial Intelligence and robots. Even business verticals like manufacturing, blue-collar employees and Information Technology sector employees are increasingly realizing the urge of using AI in recruitment. This would also indeed help in solving the major global unemployment concern without a doubt.

Traditional HR procedures like maintain and releasing the pay, managing leaves and holidays, maintaining attendance and time tracking would gradually be automated. This concludes that the traditional and transactional HR would not need a specialized workforce. But it should be remembered that the role of HR is simply not limited to transactional works as mentioned above. Human Resource work involves supporting and evaluating the goals and performance of every employee with a proper organizational strategy. HR also creates direct and measurable value for an organization which directly contributes to the objectives of the business.

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